Jeans… Jeans… Jeans… Will I ever find the perfect fit?

09/14/2010 liza 0Comment

My height is 5”3’ and I’m a bit small which makes it hard for me to find the perfect jeans. It usually fails me to find nice tailored jeans and realized that I should cut its length to fit my size. It’s rare that I could find the right one from local stores. Sigh…

For women whose height is just like me, finding the right jeans is not just about the length as we can always cut it. For me, three of the most important considerations are comfort, style and fit which will define my figure and make me look like a little bit taller.

More often than not, stores that offer various brands are ideal places to go since they have variety of styles and cuts that suit different body types. And Womens G Star Raw jeans from Box Clothing is just the one for me. I usually find their jeans to look good on me. My aunt is a nurse in UK and she brought me a couple of G star jeans the last time she went home. And I just loved it – from the materials used to design to fit.

I can say that there are no other ideal ways to find the perfect jeans than trying it on and walking with it. And my answer to the question in the title of this post… yes! I’m glad I found the perfect one for me. My aunt already knows my size and she knew that I would love to have G Star jeans as a gift on her next vacation!

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