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Today, I was awakened by my cellphone’s beep.  I got several messages from my friends, greeting me on my special day. Yes! It’s my birthday! My eyebags are now 20 years old and my brain just turned 9! Alright, I’m 29 years old, still not yet married but currently, happy with my special someone.

Anyways, since it’s my birthday, I would like to list down my wish list…

1. Make my honey well. – He’s currently recovering. Thank God!

2. A day of rest. – Thank you!

3.  A new DSLR camera – aww… soon

4. Love… Love…Love

5. Peace… Peace… Peace

More than a wish list, it is my deepest gratitude to thank the Lord for giving me the kindest people who are always there for me that matters most.  Although they are few, I love the fact that they are true!

Oh… so well… ‘gotta roam around and enjoy the sunny day on my birthday!

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