On Being an 80s Baby…

10/17/2011 liza 0Comment

I’ve always wanted to blog things about the 80s and reminisce them. Yes, I’m an 80s baby and I’m so proud that I came out to the world from that era.

I actually have so many fun childhood memories that I just couldn’t forget. And it is giving me an unexplainable feeling every time I see things that are originally from those years. When I start to recall some past events, my sisters’ high bangs (with spraynet) and their playsuits and jumpsuits outfits are the things that always come in my mind first. The 80s fashion is trending now. I’ve seen such clothing from Ellos and most Hollywood stars are wearing them too! I must say, it’s still cute and timeless.

I know everyone will also agree with me that the 80s has produced the most memorable ballad songs which are still being being loved at present. Evidence are the revival of those songs by the artists of today. And now I’m remembering when I watched Sheena Easton live in concert last two years ago. It has brought me back to the past.

Oh, I still also play some Madonna and Fra Lippo Lippi songs during lazy Sundays. I simply love it!

The Coca Cola commercial is also another thing that would always come in my mind when a conversation about the 80s has started. And who would forget the launching of its sexy bottle? Now I feel like, I would move mountains to take one day back on those days. I wish I had captured those moments in photos and videos and share them with you. sigh…

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