I Love Shopping, Do You?

06/01/2012 liza 0Comment

Yes! I admit I’m a shopaholic and my desire to shop is more intense when I’m bored and frustrated. As they say, women tend to devote their time on shopping as part of their recovery from a frustration or problem. And I can truly relate on that.

Like other women, there are numerous reasons why I love shopping. My friends usually find me in the mall fitting some womens clothing and trying on new shoes whenever I get frustrated. Fitting new clothes and buying shoes are some of my ways to make me feel good and move on from my disappointments. Changing the way I dress and look tells my friends that I just broke up from a relationship.

Well… I don’t only shop when I’m down. Shopping is also my bonding moment with my sisters and girlfriends. There was this one time that we have a guessing portion on what I’m up to or what have caused my frustrations. After some chit chat, we then found ourselves heading to the boutiques and selecting goods again. That was one of my unforgettable moments.

Sometimes, I also use the reason that I’m getting fat and my clothes are now small on me so I need to shop. It is just my lousiest reason to excuse me about my wanting to buy new clothes which usually takes months before I can wear.

Aside from the selfish reasons I stated above, I also love to attend on weddings and other parties. I just love to dress up and look good on such occasions as it makes me feel like a natural woman. It is something that satisfies the “womenality” in me.

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