Getting Ready for Last Meet Up with a Friend

01/24/2013 liza 0Comment

On Saturday, I will meet one of my dearest friends who is set to leave for Australia on the second week of February. We are very close and I consider her as a sister too. I felt sad when I learned that she’ll be gone in a year or so because we only have few meet ups last year. We will be going out on a movie date along with our other college friends.

Later at night, she will be also holding a party in a resto with her family and other colleagues. I think I’m running out of time in finding the perfect party dress for that day. I haven’t done shopping for the last 6 months so I’m contemplating of spending the day tomorrow digging out some old dresses or do a quick shopping. It’s somehow became a dilemma to me because some of our batch mates will also be there.

I know that my friend, Joy will be in good hands. It’s just that I can’t help but feel lonely somehow that another person close to my heart is leaving. But this is the one she’s been waiting for, at least for her career so I should feel so happy for her. It is mixed emotions, I guess.

I think, I should get ready. It’s Thursday already and it will be better if I start finding some items from my closet now and decide whether to buy one tomorrow or not. Catch you guys later!

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