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Bucket List – Watch a Movie Alone

06/25/2017 liza 0Comment

I’m already in my mid-30s and I have never entered a cinema alone. Watching a movie all by myself inside a big and dark theatre is one of my greatest fears that I would like to overcome for the longest time. It was a challenge for me to conquer this fear until today. Something came up and I realized that today is the best time to finally do it on my own. 

While lining up in the ticket booth for almost 30 minutes,  my will and fear are battling inside my head. I admit there are times that I almost get out of the line, but my will triumphant over fear. When finally it’s my turn, I told the attendant that I would like to get a ticket for Wonder Woman (yeah, girl power!) and chose my seat number. The attendant immediately clicked the next seat, but I said to her, “Miss, I’m going to buy only one ticket”. So she removed the other seat number and looked at me, maybe thinking, it’s unusual for a girl to watch a movie alone. 

Well anyways, so I bought my popcorn and bottled water and headed to the cinema few minutes before the scheduled time. The funny thing is instead of fear, I felt so excited and liberated by my decision. I got into my assigned seat and started eating popcorn! The movie ran for about 2.5 hours and all throughout, I did not feel anything that could make me stand up and walk out the theatre.  I wanted the whole experience and I’m so determined to finish the movie.

I also made sure not to drink a lot of liquid to avoid going to the restroom.  There are times that I would catch myself a little sleepy. Good thing, nobody is seating beside me.

The proof of my accomplishment - Wonder Woman Cinema Ticket
The proof of my accomplishment – Wonder Woman Cinema Ticket

As soon as the movie is finished, I whispered to God, “Thank You for helping me conquer my fear”. Walking towards the exit, I’m teary-eyed because I’m so proud of myself. This story may sound O.A. to those who have been enjoying watching movie alone, but I consider this as one of my greatest accomplishments. And because of this, I will never need to rely to other people’s availability to accompany me whenever there’s a new movie that I’d like to watch. Now, I’m starting to list down all those challenges that I would like to deal on my own. This experience taught me to be brave and be ready to cross out another fear bucket list soon! 

Wonderwoman image: credits to the owner

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