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TV Shows for Women

05/02/2009 liza 0Comment

Women loves to watch movies and shows about them, by nature.  Personally, I love watching woman-oriented shows as it gives me interesting, useful and enjoyable watching pleasure. I also like to gain tips about fashion and travel. For the first post, I would like to share with you my Top 3 favorite TV shows about women and life.

3. The Sweet Life

Hosted by: Lucy Torres, recently joined by Wilma Doesnt

Air: Weekdays, 6 PM Ch QTV

This is more of a general talk show but I like their featured stories.  I enjoy watching how Lucy and Wilma share their views and their tips. It seems like you’re watching them from a distance because they talk like real people and not just for the sake of conversation. I love Wilma, she has truly added spice in the show.

2. US Girls (pronounced as “as” Girls)

Hosted by: Cheska Garcia, Iya Villania and Angel Aquino.

Air: Every Sunday, 8 PM Ch 23

I actually like how they narrate their stories and their features  stories as well. I love Angel Aquino’s way of hosting. =)

1. Kikay Machine

Hosted by : Rissa Samson

Air: Every Sunday, 9PM Living Asia Channel

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Kikay Machine is my ultimate favorite. Rissa Samson is a true kikay. I like the way she delivers the stories and most especially the tips. This channel is definitely girl’s premier guide for ka-kikay-ans… =)

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