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Red Slippers Spotted in Puerto Princesa

Still in Puerto Princesa, this red slippers have been my partner in all our walking(s) around the city. May it be on land, sky bamboo steps or seashore, it has definitely survived our 4-day trip in the city where one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature is found. It’s...

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My New Ipanema for Puerto Princesa

This is my second Ipanema footwear. The first one (yellow color) was given to me by my sister who is working in Dubai. Unfortunately, the kindness friend of all (Ben, the mouse) ate the strap and left the Ipanema name when I was in HongKong last year. I love that...

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New Shoes! My Puma 76 Runner Nylon

We are booked to HongKong again on the last week of February and this time, we’ll be staying there for six days. We love HongKong especially during winter. Isn’t it obvious? It’s our fourth time already. It’s my Honey’s fave place in Asia. Anyways, during our last visit to HongKong,...

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The Shoe Cabinet Ideas

We just moved in to our new house. Well… actually mine! Yes! In God’s help and blessings, I was able to build a 4 -storey house and we just moved in last Dec 30, 2012. It’s not yet finished though as there are so many cosmetics that need to be...

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The Improvised Shoe Cushions for my Wedge

I’m petite and to add a little height, I would always wear shoes with heels. I used to wear cigarette heel shoes when I was still working in the office. Now that I’m working from home, I almost don’t buy shoes like those. While I still have few shoes with...

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10 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

This is an interesting entry from Megan Gustashaw of in Yahoo! Shopping. She listed 10 shoes that every woman should own. I must say that I don’t have 50% of these shoes since I don’t really go out or seldom attends in gatherings. But this collection of shoes are...

Warning: Red FitFlop  Everywhere! 1

Warning: Red FitFlop Everywhere!

I love my FitFlop-like sandals because it makes my walking really manageable. And so I always make sure that I use it during long  walks. The next series of photos shows the whereabouts of this footwear.

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About Finding Shoes for My Beijing Tour

Did you know that one of the keys to have an enjoyable and truly pleasurable travel is having comfortable shoes? Well… don’t be surprised for I always associate my travel with the footwear I used.  As a matter of fact, most photos, oh I must say all photos that you...