At Ibis North Point, Hong Kong

I got three phrases to best describe our experience in Ibis Hotel, North Point — (1) value for money, (2) great location and (3) just what we need. Here’s my fair share of Room 1906 and Ibis North Point in general.

Room 1906, Ibis Hotel North Point, Hong Kong - 2015

Room 1906, Ibis Hotel
North Point, Hong Kong – 2015
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It’s our 5th time in Hong Kong but this is our first time to stay in Ibis North Point. We booked for a Double Bed City View room (11 sqm) but we have been upgraded to the one with harbor view for FREE. And for us, that’s a +1 point for their service.

Outside Ibis Hotel North Point, Hongkong - 2015

Outside Ibis Hotel
North Point, Hongkong – 2015
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Despite of the small size room and bed (two beds joined together), we still felt comfortable in doing our daily activities.  This is by far, the smallest room we had stayed on. Previously, we stayed in Best Western, Newton Place Hotel, Royal Plaza Mongkok and Metropark Mongkok.  Having a mindset that we will move in a limited space helped us formulate techniques in doing our own thing efficiently. After a few days of stay, we realized that it’s really not bad at all because we can get all the things we needed without even hopping off from our bed, literally.

Double bed, Ibis Hotel  North Point, Hong Kong-2015

Double bed, Ibis Hotel
North Point, Hong Kong-2015
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The room and the hotel itself is always clean. The bathroom is equipped with essentials we needed. The staffs are friendly and very accommodating too. The MTR – North point is also a few steps away from the hotel — actually adjacent. Well, the only challenge part are the escalators and stairs that we need to pass through to ride the train. But who would complaint, we are in Hong Kong and it’s the Walking City! Outside our hotel, the area is surrounded with shops, restaurants and even mall that are just a few blocks away.

Small fridge and complimentary coffee Ibis North Point, Hong Kong 2015

Small fridge and complimentary coffee
Ibis North Point, Hong Kong 2015
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Bathroom at Rm 1906 Ibis Hotel North Point, Hongkong - 2015

Bathroom at Rm 1906
Ibis Hotel North Point, Hongkong – 2015
The shower fits only for one person.

Hallway, Ibis Hotel North Point, Hongkong - 2015

Ibis Hotel North Point, Hongkong – 2015
Sorry for our clutters
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Shops and streets outside Ibis Hotel North Point, Hongkong - 2015

Shops and streets outside Ibis Hotel North Point
Hongkong – 2015
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The tram is also at the opposite road so we have different transportation options. We did not also expect the breakfast being served due to low accommodation price, considering the hotel’s price range in Hong Kong (I’ll create another post about our breakfast in Ibis North Point). Daily breakfast is superb! Overall, our experience is beyond our expectation. We simply believe that this hotel is underrated.

Harbor view - Outside Ibis Hotel North Point, Hongkong - 2015

Harbor view – Outside Ibis Hotel North Point, Hongkong – 2015
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Here are more details and few tips related to our stay in Ibis Hotel, North Point Hong Kong.

Date stayed: February 1-7, 2015 (6N/7D)
Rate: Php 19,761.45 or $445.79 (based on today’s prevailing rate)
Includes: buffet breakfast, in-room Internet Wifi
Booked via Agoda.

Address:138 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong

Tip #1. There’s a 711 and a small grocery in the MTR station. Another 711 is also one block away.

Tip #2. Along the hotel’s side of the street towards to MTR station, there are other local restaurants that you can try. There’s this one Chinese restaurant that’s open until midnight (or maybe 24/7, not sure).

Tip #3. There’s also a spa along in the reception area where you can try. Honestly, we find their price too high but for those who are badly in need, it would be nice to check it out.

Tip #4. If you want to save money in hotel bookings, book IBis hotel via Agoda. See how much I saved when I redeemed my Agoda Rewards last time.

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Discounts from Philippine Airlines

Posted by: liza on May 14th, 2015 in airfare

For frequent travelers like us, we always wanted to get great values on air fares. And while in search for a cheap flight for our next destination, I discovered this page from Philippine Airlines – by far, our favorite airline in the country. Anyways, here’s a list of type of passengers and the percentage of discount they could get when they fly with Philippines Airlines.

Domestic Fares

In compliance with Republic Act No. 9337, an act amending the National Internal Revenue Code, a 12% VAT is added to the total amount quoted on all transactions involving purely domestic services only.

PAL offers special discounts to the following types of passengers who are traveling within the Philippines and buying their tickets from a PAL sales office or Domestic Ticketing Program travel agents in the Philippines. The special discounts are not available through the Online Booking facility.

Senior Citizens

20% discount on fares for Filipino citizens who are at least 60 years old. VAT exemption applies to any fare type including promotional fares. The passenger must present any of the following valid ID’s when buying the ticket:

• Office of the Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA) ID issued by their municipality
• Driver’s License
• Passport
• Any photo ID authenticating age

Foreign nationals are not allowed to avail the Senior Citizen discount under Philippine Law.


Passengers under the age of two and at least 16 days old. Infant not occupying a seat gets 90% discount based on the accompanying adult’s fare. Birth certificate is required when buying the ticket.

Persons with Disabilities (PWD)

20% discount on fares. In availing of the discount privileges mandated under R.A. No. 9442 and its IRR, PWDs, who are Filipino citizens, may prove his/her entitlement upon submission of any of the following:

• An identification card issued by the City or Municipal Mayor or the Barangay Captains of the place where the persons with disability resides;
• Transportation discount card is an identification Card (ID) issued by the National Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons (NCWDP).
• Persons with Disability are those individuals defined under Section 4 of R.A7277, as person suffering from restriction or different abilities, as a result of a mental, physical or sensory impairment, to perform an activity in a manner or within the range considered normal for human being.


20% discount on fares for currently enrolled students in the Philippines. Must present valid Student ID or registration form. Not applicable for Budget Economy fares.


20% discount on fares for active Military personnel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Navy, Marines, Air Force and Philippine National Police (PNP). Valid for all travel upon presentation of identification. Not applicable for Budget Economy.

Note: There may be changes on the above list after this article has been written. I also recommend that you to Philippine Airlines website to double check.

For discounted hotels, you could also try searching the Internet’s most trusted hotel portal – Agoda. See how much I saved from using this tool with our hotel bookings.

Never Miss These Vigan’s Delicacies

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I’am actually craving for Vigan’s empanada and their vinegar (Sukang Iloko) so I decided to write an article about it (me ending up craving more of it! Lol). I remember the first time we rode an airplane in December 2007, we are heading to Laoag, Ilocos Norte, Hon’s hometown. That was also the first time I tasted empanada and okoy . After 5 years, in July 2013, we went back to experience Ilocos and to taste their other dishes and these delicacies again. This time, we stayed in Fort Ilocandia.

The photos below were taken from our July 2013 trip in Vigan, Burgos Plaza, Ilocos Sur, Philippines.

Empanada stores in Burgos Plaza in Vigan Ilocos Sur, Philippines

Empanada stores in Burgos Plaza
Vigan Ilocos Sur, Philippines

According to our tour guide, the empanada of Vigan and Batac taste differently. I tried both and I could say that they are equally good. I maybe just love the wholeness of it.

Empanada and Okoy served with Vinegar

Empanada and Okoy Vigan, Ilocos Sur Philippines

EmpanadaIt is similar to a thin taco that is fried to a crisp, with vegetable and meat filling. Rice flour is used for making the crust or the shell. The galapong or rice flour dough is made a day before it is used. Atchuete or orange food color, salt and oil are mixed into the rice though. The dough mixture is then kneaded as thinly as possible on a banana leaf (wax paper is a good substitute). Source: Normally costs Php 30-50 (almost $1 each).

What's inside the Vigan's empanada?

What’s inside the Vigan’s empanada?
Photo credits:

Okoy (shrimp fritter)viand consists of small fresh shrimps with shell, glutinous rice batter and deep fried into a round form. In Vigan, kutchay is added. Source:

So if you’re planning to go to Ilocos, make sure that you don’t miss these delicacies. This will certainly make your trip complete!

Tip: If you or your companion has reaction in sea foods particularly shrimp, avoid Okoy. Hon experienced a severe reaction to this which made us cancel one of our day tours.