Dinner at Hill Station Baguio

We had a chance to have dinner twice in one of the romantic and old restaurants in Baguio – the Hill Station. Our first visit was in April 29, 2013 when Hon had his Rib Eye steak and Vanilla shake and for me, a cup of latte and a slice of cheesecake. We both agreed that the food is great so we made a pact to come back again. And so we’re back last June 13, 2014.

The following photos are what we ordered last April 29, 2013 (good thing, the photos have dates :P).

Hon's Fave Steak at Hill Station Baguio City, PH

Rib Eye Steak for Hon at Hill Station
Baguio City, PH
Price: Php 960/order or roughly $22

Hon partnered his steak with Vanilla Shake. Not a bad combination after all. I tried it but it’s too sweet for me, though.

Vanilla Shake at Hill Station Baguio City, PH 2013

Vanilla Shake at Hill Station
Baguio City, PH 2013

These were mine. Two hours before we went to Hill Station, I already consumed some carbs and here, adding more… I love the cheesecake, it’s just perfect for my coffee.

Cheesecake and Latte at Hill Station Baguio City PH, 2013

Cheesecake and Latte at Hill Station
Baguio City PH, 2013
Price: can’t remember, sorry =P

The following photos are what we had last June 13, 2014. Hon tried to rekindle his first romance with the Rib Eye steak but it was not successful because he ordered the one below by mistake. He didn’t notice that they are different in the menu. Can’t remember what is this called, actually. But it’s still a steak, that’s for sure!

Hon's Fave Steak at Hill Station in Baguio City, 2014

Hon’s Fave Steak at Hill Station
Baguio City, PH 2014
Price: 560.00/order or roughly $13

Seafood Carbonara at Hill Station Baguio City, PH 2014

Seafood Carbonara at Hill Station
Baguio City, PH 2014
Price: Php 360.00/order or $8.50

While waiting for the main course, we are served with complimentary bread along with our ordered cappuccino and one shot of espresso.

Bread for appetizers

Complimentary Bread at Hill Station, Baguio City, PH

Espresso and Capuccino at Hill Station  Baguio City PH, 2014

Espresso and Cappuccino
Hill Station
Baguio City PH, 2014

Below are other photos we took during our first visit. Hill Station is adjacent with other establishments like Casa Vallejo (their Bed and Breakfast Inn), North Haven Spa (where we had our most unsatisfying massage, no offense but it’s not worth it) and Mt. Cloud Bookshop for readers.

Hill Station at Baguio City, PH

Hill Station, Casa Vallejo, Mt. Cloud Bookshop, North Haven Spa
Baguio City, PH

Inside Hill Station at Baguio City, PH

Inside Hill Station
Baguio City, PH

Outside Hill Station, Baguio City, PH

Outside Hill Station, Baguio City PH
I love the mint plants.

Hill Station at Bar and Coffee Bar Baguio City, PH 2013

Hill Station’s Bakery and Bar
Baguio City, PH 2013

Overall, our two visits in Hill Station are both satisfying. We love the ambiance and the people there especially the crews who are always smiling as they do their job. The food may be a bit pricey for some but I’m sure that it will compensate the taste. By the way, the resto has a dress code so make sure that you are properly dressed if you wish to eat there. Oh, the irony of it is that we are wearing shorts and shirts during those times. :P

Here are random information about our visit in Hill Station, Baguio City, PH:
Date visited: April 29, 2013 and June 13, 2014
Time: Dinner at 9:00PM
Price: average of Php 750 per person or roughly $17 each
Location: Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Road, Session Rd, Baguio 2600

Important note: The aim of this article is to share our experience with Hill Station in Baguio City, PH. The restaurant did not asked or paid me to do this article.

Airline Fuel Surcharges Removed

Posted by: liza on January 08th, 2015 in news

This is good news (I hope so!) for frequent travelers like us! Just last night I heard the news that CAB (Civil Aeronautics Board) passed a resolution that orders the removal of the airline fuel surcharges which was signed on Wednesday. It’s expected to take effect on Monday. I know everyone is hoping that airlines will comply to this resolution and that us, travelers will benefit greatly from it.

Here’s an excerpt of the news from Inquirer.net

MANILA, Philippines–Expect airline ticket prices to ease as early as next week as the government scraps the fuel surcharge on domestic and international flights operating in the Philippines because of the sharp decline in global crude oil prices.

Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) executive director Carmelo Arcilla said Wednesday that the resolution to remove the fuel surcharge was signed Wednesday. He said that airlines would be served with the order starting Thursday and will be effective “immediately.”

The effect on the ticket price is expected to vary. The fuel surcharge runs from a few hundred pesos for domestic flights to several hundreds of US dollars for long-haul international flights.

By Monday

“It should be safe to say that carriers should have removed the surcharge by next Monday,” Arcilla said, taking into account the time the order is given to carriers and the upcoming weekend. The order will not affect tickets that have been purchased before airlines have been formally notified.

In line with this, the CAB published Resolution No. 79 (BM 10-12-22-2014), which also noted that oil prices have declined 25 percent from June to November. Crude oil this week fell below $50 per barrel, extending the drop to about 50 percent, with some forecasts pointing to prolonged weakness in the commodity’s value as global demand slows.

The fuel surcharge is typically granted by the government to help airlines recover part of volatile fuel costs, usually an airline’s single-biggest operating expense. But this should no longer apply when oil prices are falling, Arcilla said.

“With the substantial and continuous decrease of fuel prices in the world market, the board has deemed it appropriate to compel airiness to discontinue their imposition of fuel surcharge,” part of the CAB resolution read.

Read more: http://business.inquirer.net/184633/cab-scraps-airline-fuel-surcharges#ixzz3OI35aJjf

Vigan named one of New 7 Wonders Cities

Posted by: liza on December 08th, 2014 in news

I just can’t help but feel proud about learning from the news that we got another spot in New Wonders list and this time — for Vigan which is hailed as one of the New Wonder Cities.

Here’s a snippet of the news courtesy of Rappler.com

MANILA, Philippines – Ilocos Sur capital Vigan has been selected as one of the New 7 Wonders cities. New 7 Wonders made the announcement via YouTube December 8, 3 am Manila time. (READ: Weekend in Vigan: 12 things to do)

These are the winning cities:


• Beirut, Lebanon
• Doha, Qatar
• Durban, South Africa
• Havana, Cuba
• Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
• La Paz, Bolivia
• Vigan, Philippines

Aside from the 7 winnners, decided via voting, the following cities rounded out the top 14: Barcelona, Chicago, London, Mexico City, Perth, Quito, and Reykjavik.

Read more..