12/27/2015 liza

Known as the the Little Las Vegas of Asia, Macau (Macao) is definitely a land of luck and night life. Most people go to this place to play but like other passionate travelers, our reason is to explore and experience it the best way we can. We are so blessed to explore this once a Portuguese-colony China territory three times in the last five years. I once dream of stepping on this land since college (because of Boys Over Flowers Koreanovela) and looking back, I’ve fulfilled that dream over and over again. Ruins of St Paul…

02/26/2012 liza 4Comment

HongKong has never failed us! After three times of exploring it, we still love to go back there.  What we love about HongKong is the weather (during winter), the ease of transport and the food! Can you guess where my boots are on this pic?   watch out for posts about the adventure of my old Korean boots!