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05/10/2009 liza 0Comment

Since it’s mother’s day, I would like to share some interesting websites for mothers. These sites are just perfect for mothers and soon to be moms. If your mom or sister or friend loves the digital age and she really wanted to stay on  the loop about the bits and pieces of motherhood, these 3 websites are definitely for them.


This tackles the many aspects of being a mother and taking care of the family. Truly great for soon to be momz.


I certainly like this site. Actually, this is not just for moms but also for aspiring entrpreneurs and all the single ladies and men, living alone. The recipes are just great and I bet you, it is realistic and very easy to prepare.


For the same reason in Del Monte, I personally like Nestle because of their products.  Okay, enough for the promotion! But really, I added two sites that offer cooking ideas because preparing the food is one of my mom’s dilemmas. And then she goes on walking back and forth and ask, ” what should I cook for dinner?” he he he… By the way, we’re subscribed to their newsletter and we’re also receiving great recipes each time.

There are actually more better sites for mothers but for me, they all offer the same thoughts. I wanted my list to be something useful. I hope it does on your end.

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