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Got Acne?

05/31/2009 liza 0Comment

I heard from one of the interviews on TV that when you reach the age of 25 and you still have acne, you can never get rid of it at all. Well… the science of beauty can defy this belief nowadays and that’s if you have money. =)

Acne aside from freckles and scars is one of the most embarrassing elements on a person’s face. Urgh…

Going back to having money to become beautiful, you must remember that treating acne needs maintenance. There are people who have skins that are prone to acne and they are the ones who need more maintenance, hence more money to keep this face problem away.

I got the same problem and I bet you, it costs me a lot to keep these pimples away from my face. I tried lots of products after I decided to settle to two ~of which I believe have the best results on me. I occasionally still get pimples but it’s not the same anymore and that’s when maintenance is very important.

I’m just an average earner and I can’t afford expensive treatment so I tried commercial products instead. Nevertheless, these products are still somewhat expensive for me.

Proactive – I saw this on TV and with my desperation, I bought my first kit from Watsons. The 30-day kit costs me Php 2,450.

I must say, it’s worth the price. After two weeks, I saw visible results and that truly satisfied me. The only problem is that the scars that acne left on my face showed discoloration.

So to get rid of it, I look for whitening product. I tried Garnier then decided to settle for Amazing Touch’s whitening cream. They have, for me so far, the best whitening cream (effective and cheap). Again, after two weeks, I saw great results. The cream costs 240 pesos and is good for 3 weeks to 1 month, depending on how you use it. I use their facial lotion (toner) and glycerin soap as well for maintenance.

Remember that we have different skin types and I’m not sure if these products will work for you. For me, the best thing to do is to treat your acne first then you can worry about the discoloration next. And if you don’t have money for super expensive treatments, you may want to try different products like I did. Also, loyalty to product can make your skin use to it.

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