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Ms. Universe of the 20th Century

03/27/2010 liza 1Comment

When it comes to beauty pageant, Ms. Universe is definitely the most wanted title of all women. Thus, this is also the most anticipated event every year.

Each year, the world is waiting for the most beautiful woman who will be crowned as the next Ms. Universe. The beginning of the 20th century started a remarkable list of women who has changed the way people look at beauty.

Here’s the list of Ms. Universe winners since the year 2000.

2009,  Venezuela, Stefanía Fernández
2008,  Venezuela, Dayana Mendoza
2007,  Japan, Riyo Mori, Miss Universe Japan
2006,  Puerto Rico, Zuleyka Rivera
2005,  Canada, Natalie Glebova
2004,  Australia, Jennifer Hawkins
2003,  Dominican Republic, Amelia Vega
2002,  Russia (Dethroned), Oxana Fedorova
2001,  Puerto Rico, Denise Quiñones
2000,  India, Lara Dutta

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