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How to Get Rid of Double Chin?

04/22/2010 liza 1Comment

Admit it, not all obese or heavy weight individuals have double chins. Sometimes, it can be also seen in  slim and sexy men and women. According to Wikipedia, “a double chin is a subcutaneous fat around the neck that sags down and creates a wrinkle, making the owner appear to have a second chin.” While it is commonly seen in obese or elderly, we can’t still deny the fact that there are some people (slim and young) who gain a “second chin” with the kind of lifestyle they have.

There are many known ways to get rid of double chins but I will no’t talk about them in this post. I know that this is not something new but I think worth to post for individuals who don’t know this simple gadget and want to remove their double  chin while watching, traveling or simply relaxing.

We all know that facial exercises are very crucial if we want to achieve a good looking one-chin. And a facial roller can help you with that.  I first saw this tool while watching PBB and I got really interested. So I started looking for it and luckily I found it from Divisoria. I bought this for just 40 Pesos last December and I’m now enjoying its results. =) I took a shot of the package.

plastic face roller

The package says that it can modify your face contour line ~ reducing double chin, large neck and face edema.  Using this beauty tool is very easy.

  • Massage the face sides by your hand comfortably.
  • Hold the handle gently, roll the wheels on the face from the chin to jowl, and force it in a way as you draw it upwards, and you can feel the sense of  extrusion.

Just some notes:

  • Each massage time should be around 10 minutes.
  • Use it on the clean skin after washing
  • While you massage the face, at the same time you can also massage the neck.
  • The result is gradual so you have to be patient.

P.S. I was not paid to write or promote this product. I tried this tool and seen great results so I decided to write a post about it.

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