Bags and the Womenlity in Me…

09/13/2010 liza 0Comment

I’m pretty confident that many will agree that women can be equated to shoes, bags and jewelry. But did you know that more than just our fascination for these things, it is the glamour, satisfaction and love for ourselves that make these things important to us? And this is especially true in the aspects of our daily look.

For the same reason like I mentioned above, I’am too, can’t simply resist the temptation of collecting shoes, bags and jewelry such as watches and earrings. Just last month, I gave 5 of not-so-worn-out bags to my nieces…not because they are old… but because they are simply outdated in style and won’t fit in my closet anymore. I also gave those for another extravagant reason. And that is, so I can buy new designer bags. Gee… I’m just so excited!

Gray Buddy Bag

I usually do my shopping in malls and buy 2 at most from every visit. But when it comes to design, I normally consult the internet to see what’s trending. I bought some from online shopping, too. Today, I’m looking for a simple and classy buddy bag that I can use for my casual wear. I’m particularly looking for a gray color buddy bag that can accommodate my wallet, cellphone and little hair brush like this one.

I’d say this shop has a marvelous collection of bags. Simply visit to see a fabulous range of women’s bags from Very . I bet you will love exploring them too. I just did!

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