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Pampered by the Mistle Toe Spa

01/05/2011 liza 0Comment

Women love to be pampered. And I agree with that! As I welcome the year 2011, one of the things that I would like to do more often is to pamper myself by going to Spas. My work is home-based and despite of the benefit of not waking up early morning just to make it on time going to the office, I can still say that its nature can be occasionally stressing. So to reduce the stress, I promise myself to go to spas at least twice a month.

And so I just started. Yesterday, I have experienced, for me, one of the best foot spa ever. Unlike services offered in parlors, this foot spa from Mistle Toe is truly relaxing. It’s not the typical scrub where attendants would just scrub my feet and even leave scars at the end of the session.

So I took the Winter Wonderland foot spa package. And yeah, as its name implies, my legs felt cold. The attendant is so careful and gentle and always checks the callous before scrubbing. Believe it or not, I almost fell asleep as she scrubs and massages my feet and legs. After scrubbing, she puts some solution that made my legs feel cold then wrapped it up with cling wrap.

Foot Spa Experience

She said that my legs and feet need to be wrapped so my skin will absorb the relaxing solution. After a few minutes, she went back and pat it with hot towels as shown in the picture below.

Foot Spa with hot towel

The attendant always check the temperature of the towel, soak it again in hot water and put it back. That lasts for until 20 minutes,  I think. I also had my pedicure and this is also my first time to have it done without my nails murdered. Gee…

I may sound promoting the Spa but they did not pay me to do this. =) This just something that brought me so much happiness which I would like to impart to you. Guess how much the spa is… it’s Php150 pesos only + Php50 for the sterilized pedicure.

Where to find Mistle Toe? It’s located in Fatima Valenzuela along Mc Arthur Hi-way.

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