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I’am Legend… and now I’m hooked..

05/18/2011 liza 0Comment

I'am LegendIt is known that one of the best Korean actresses is Kim Jung Eun. After Lovers in Paris and Princess Lulu, here comes another yet exciting story about a woman regaining her life after realizing the maltreatment of his husband (who happens to be the number one lawyer) and his family. The character has been given with justice by Kim as she handles well every trial about her divorce (defending herself alone) and pursuing her dreams as a rock performer. The story is unpredictable which makes it more exciting.

As a woman, though I’m not yet married, I feel for Solenn (Kim’s name in the drama) about pursuing her dreams. I admire her courage, perseverance and strength in fighting for what she believe is right for her. That reflects the competency and strength of women today.

I once posted a list of quotes about Respect for Women. Let us respect ourselves so people will know our value…. and I know that all of you will agree with that!

Rock on!


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