Japan to Offer Free 10,000 Airfares Next Year and I Love to Go!

10/11/2011 liza 0Comment

I always dream of visiting Japan. Since I was 6, I knew Japan, based on my dad’s stories (because he used to work in NNN – Nippon News Network based in Japan as an assistant camera man) from his bosses as a beautiful, cold and well developed country. He is no longer connected to the company (not sure if the company still exists today) but he has a lot of Japanese guests visiting the Philippines each time. He is now running a small rent-a-car business and never got the chance to go to Japan, even once for his more than 10 years of service in NNN. Yeah, it was sad!

As I grow older and until now, he always share his stories about Japan and its people. From then on, I became so interested in Japan that I would read info about it.So when I started this blog, we planned in going but for visa reasons and high airfare, we are holding back this dream for sometime. I love to talk about Japan in my blog!

Yesterday, I read from twitter that Japan will be offering 10,00 free airfare by next year and I so love to go! This is not yet my entry but I definitely want to see the Cherry Blossoms, My Fuji, Tokyo Disneyland and eat authentic Takoyaki! My dad and I love Japanese food and it’s really nice to know such opportunity will be given to tourists like us, despite of the tragedy that happened in March 11. I can’t really wait to send my application and have my first step on the land of the rising sun!

The story is also posted here

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