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11/16/2011 liza 0Comment

Discovering new places, its traditions, people and especially food are the things I always look forward each time I travel. After several travels, I learned how to appreciate these things and look at it as important part of my journeys which I always impart to my loved ones and to you, guys!

As time goes by, I also learned that I must travel with ease. I started removing some unwanted stuffs from my bag. During my first travel, I brought a big shoulder bag which has extra shirts (okay, like a baby) and toiletries that I never used. So I reduced it using a small buddybag and small toiletry containers minus the extra shirt. I also learned my lesson when it comes to proper dressing up.

When I first went to HongKong, I admit it… I didn’t check the weather so I missed bringing the winter jackets. Then it happened again when I went to Singapore. I actually thought it’s the same weather in HongKong so I brought jackets but was not able to use them. Those were the mistakes I committed but I learned my lesson now!

Aside from checking the weather of our destination (which is the first and most important thing to do, guys), I also started collecting outfits particularly casual tops that I could use at any given weather. I prefer wearing jeans and partner it with some easy to accessorize tops. I even shop for clothes even we have no scheduled out of town/country trips so I won’t experience the hassle of buying my outfits at a very short time.

Look at this two top dresses. They’re on style and can be worn casually.
Casual Tops Collection

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