The Shoe Cabinet Ideas

01/24/2013 liza 0Comment

We just moved in to our new house. Well… actually mine! Yes! In God’s help and blessings, I was able to build a 4 -storey house and we just moved in last Dec 30, 2012. It’s not yet finished though as there are so many cosmetics that need to be done.  Aside from painting the walls, I’m now into creating cabinets for my stuff.

I’ve always wanted to have my own walk-in room but unfortunately I did not achieve that this time. Nevertheless, my 36 sqm room can still accommodate a place for a shoe cabinet. I’m looking for some ideas on the internet and I find all the ideas below really interesting. Credits to the owner of the pics.

And I like them all!


shoes and bags cabinet a sophisticated bags and shoe cabinet bags! shoe boxes I like this idea, though. Shoes with labels and pics


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