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Helping While Learning

11/29/2013 liza 0Comment

In the past weeks, our hearts have been aching with the effect of the strongest typhoon to ever hit our country (world). Many times, I cried while watching the news/shared videos seeing people asking for help to find their loved ones or those announcing that they already found them dead. There were also times, I felt angry to the government due to their slow relief operations. Now, I feel overwhelmed because of the overflowing help and support that our country is getting from all over the world. It was indeed a roller coaster ride of emotions.

We were also once a victim of such catastrophe so we really feel for them. My Nanay lost her 3 siblings during the great floods in 1960s in Manila. In September 2011, we are a victim of typhoon “Pedring” who led a big tree to fall on one part of our house. Honestly, that incident left us devastated because it was only after three days that the tree was removed. We literally saw the rain falling and sun rising from our wrecked roof during those days.

Just last week, my siblings and I brought some goods to our church which will be given to the Yolanda victims. Our contribution maybe small but each piece is filled with hope that it could somehow ease a little of their sufferings.

On Saturday, December 7, 2013,  I decided to join the We are One. A Seminar for the Benefit of Yolanda Survivors with the same purpose. It’s a fund raising seminar that features known speakers such as Ricky de Vera, Boris Joaquin, Randy Esguerra, Janette C. Toral, Jc Libiran, Pido Aguilar, Raju Mandhyan, Warren Domantay, Polo Ablazo, Al Ian Barcelona, Boom San Agustin, Joey P.Reyes, Ivy Villanueva Lloyd Luna Pocholo Gonzales and others.

I like the idea of helping while learning. I invite you too to be a part of this inspiring and knowledge-filled seminar and how we, as netizens, can make a difference and be equipped with knowledge when the same thing happens to us. Minimum donation is Php 1,000 per head.

We are One Seminar

WE ARE ONE. | One Nations, One Purpose, One Voice
Vista Center, UGF Worldwide Corporate Center, Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City.
December 7, 2013
9:00am – 5:00pm

09:00am Prayer/ Yoga Exercise
09:15am Session 1 – Resilience Is Not Enough (by Coach Randy Esguerra)
10:15am Session 2 – YES! You Can Inspire As You Live! (by Ricky de Vera, MBA, CSP)
11:15am Session 3 – Creating A Personal Vision: You Can Do It If You Can Perceive It (by Boris Joaquin)
12:15pm Lunch
01:15pm Session 4 – Connecting and Engaging Online (by Janette Toral)
02:15pm Session 5 – Victim s. Responsible Mindset (by Joey Reyes)
03:15pm Panel Discussion (by Gwen Pang, JC Libiran and Pochollo Gonzales)
04:15pm Session 6 – Understanding & Appreciating What Happens To You (by Pido Aguilar)
05:15pm Closing

To register online or know more about this event, click here  or to know more about this event, visit We Are One – FaceBook page .

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