Vigan named one of New 7 Wonders Cities

12/08/2014 liza 0Comment

I just can’t help but feel proud about learning from the news that we got another spot in New Wonders list and this time — for Vigan which is hailed as one of the New Wonder Cities.

Here’s a snippet of the news courtesy of

MANILA, Philippines – Ilocos Sur capital Vigan has been selected as one of the New 7 Wonders cities. New 7 Wonders made the announcement via YouTube December 8, 3 am Manila time. (READ: Weekend in Vigan: 12 things to do)

These are the winning cities:


• Beirut, Lebanon
• Doha, Qatar
• Durban, South Africa
• Havana, Cuba
• Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
• La Paz, Bolivia
• Vigan, Philippines

Aside from the 7 winnners, decided via voting, the following cities rounded out the top 14: Barcelona, Chicago, London, Mexico City, Perth, Quito, and Reykjavik.

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