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We’ve been to Baguio countless times but this is our first time to eat and visit Oh My Gulay in La Azotea, Upper Session Road. The restaurant is own by a known film maker and artist, Kidlat Tahimik and is always included in the list of reviews for the top eats in Baguio.

There are two things to see in Oh My Gulay – its artistic interior and food. I wanted to consolidate both in this article but I realized that it will be long. And because I love their food more, I’ll talk about it here first.

Oh! My Gulay Baguio City PH
Oh! My Gulay – welcome banner
Baguio City PH

In one of Kidlat’s interview, he mentioned that people come to his restaurant because of the design. I’d say that it’s a fact but we came to the place because of the food. The artistic interiors are added beauty to the eye. The menu is simple and food choices are just ordinary except that they are all veggies. Yes! No pork, chicken or even fish! All gulays!

Talong Parmigiana
Oh My Gulay, Baguio City PH

I love the taste of the Talong Parmagiana. It’s sweet-kinda’ sour taste is just perfect for my palate. The bread is not drown in sauce which makes it balanced and save you from “umay”.

Anak ng Putanesca
Oh My Gulay, Baguio City PH

Anak ng Putanesca is a little spicy and just enough that your tongue can handle. The preparation looks simple but it’s one pasta dishes that won’t make you look for any meat.

Lumpia Salad Oh! My Gulay, Baguio City PH
Lumpia Salad
Oh My Gulay, Baguio City PH

The Lumpia Salad is my all time favorite, so far! The crunchiness of the Tofu Lumpia and the Asian dressing are its top weapon. The fresh veggies blends well with the entire dish. While it looks easy to prepare, I’m still dying to know the recipe of this dish!

Banana Chocolate with Peanut Butter Crepe Oh! My Gulay, Baguio City PH
Banana Chocolate with Peanut Butter Crepe
Oh My Gulay, Baguio City PH

This is a typical crepe flavor. What I love about this  is their peanut butter — tastes really fresh and delicious.

Lemonada and Dayap Iced Tea Oh! My Gulay Baguio City PH
Lemonada and Dayap Iced Tea
Oh My Gulay Baguio City PH

Why did I include these drinks? Because they are all natural! No taste of powder or artificial sweetener.

Oh My Gulay! Artwork

Artwork Oh! My Gulay, Baguio City PH

Overall, our experience in Oh My Gulay comes to us as a surprise! The ambiance of the restaurant is not expected as it’s situated in, probably the busiest street in Baguio – Session Road. The all vegetarian food we tried made us look at these vegetables again with big eyes! I definitely recommend that you try Oh My Gulay when you visit Baguio. Please watch out for my post about Oh My Gulay’s artistic interior.

More Details:

Date visited: October 4, 2015 , Almost dinner time
Food price range: Starting at Php 120 up

Location:  Session Road, Top Floor, La Azotea Bldg. Baguio City, Benguet

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