04/20/2010 liza 2Comment

Aside from her beautiful music, Lady Gaga’s shoes are just one of her fashion statements that will let you go more gaga. I’ve seen a lot of her shoes in her music videos and got really interested how it feels like to use those outrageous shoes. I don’t have the guts so I decided to create a gallery of it, instead. So without further adieu, presenting the Lady Gaga’s shoes collection!

All I can say, ouch.. those could hurt?!

04/13/2010 liza 2Comment

If you’ve browsed a shoe department lately, you may have noticed that high heels are growing—and not just in popularity. Towering platforms, extreme wedges, and treacherous stilettos have flooded the marketplace in recent months, and most every designer and celebrity seems to be doing their part to participate in the trend. Runways, red carpets, and glossy magazine spreads have all been inundated with the look. Ever the style catalyst, Lady Gaga donned Alexander McQueen’s 12-inch heels in her “Bad Romance” music video after three professional runway models refused to wear them on the runway last fall. This past weekend, even…

03/29/2010 liza

Nine West shoes simply takes my breath away. It’s like a drug that I just can’t get enough. Just.. kiddin’. =) Alright, I admit it! I’m also a shoe collector like many other women. And the Nine West collection is one of my favorites. The price maybe higher than what other average women earner can afford but I assure you their designs and fit are absolutely worth the price. I saw one Sale item in a Nine West boutiques and I just can’t forget it. Unfortunately, the last pair of this item is not my size. So, I checked their…

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Summer is getting near and flip flops are again in demand for those who want to be in.  I’m a fan of flips-flops but I only have one pair=) Anyways, if you’re looking for new designs, here are the three top and well known brands that will give you a summer fashion statement of cool and kikay. Sorry for Havainas’s fans but I love ipanema designs more…so it’s the number one on my list.