01/29/2013 liza

I already closed my Citibank Cebu Pacific credit card late last year but just after I redeemed one of the two vouchers I’m entitled to – Php 1000 and Php 250. Unfortunately, I was able to get only one e-voucher worth Php 1,000. Well.. that’s fine. Just Sunday, I redeemed this e-voucher and I’m just so happy that it worked. We are booked to Puerto Princesa on my birthday at Cebu Pacific! I got even more excited when we were able to atleast cut off Php 1,000 from our fare.

11/14/2011 liza

What I like about Philippine Airlines is that when they say it’s a SALE for a week, they really mean it! No hiding of real price and promotional propaganda. So if you’re looking for some real deal on airfare with travel period from Nov to Dec 2011, you might want to look at Pal’s PayDay Special first and then compare!