02/26/2012 liza 4Comment

HongKong has never failed us! After three times of exploring it, we still love to go back there.  What we love about HongKong is the weather (during winter), the ease of transport and the food! Can you guess where my boots are on this pic?   watch out for posts about the adventure of my old Korean boots!

01/20/2012 liza 1Comment

I’ve been to Tagaytay numerous times already but I never had the chance to personally see the beauty of Taal Volcano up close – an active volcano that is still open for tourists (no worries, it’s being monitored by PhiVolcs) until last Sunday.  We celebrated the birthday of my brother-in-law in Leynes Resort (where my Tatay usually bring his guests from abroad).  At first, I’m a bit hesitant to go since I don’t prefer walking under the strong ray of sun (who does?).  Plus, I was also told that we will consume 30-45 minutes walk just to reach the Taal…