Women Orgs in the Philippines


I'm already on 30ish and started traveling since I can afford it. I consider myself as a full time travel-story teller than a travel guru. I usually write about my random travel adventures as well as other things that interest me such as food, fashion, poetry and women in general.

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  1. Palaboy says:

    You forgot to add Girls Scout of the Phil.

  2. Mae Alma L Loyola says:

    Hi Liza. I’m glad I encountered you as I was doing research on women-owned businesses in the Philippines. I believe you can help me in this endeavor being well-traveled and interested in women in general (and hopefully in their interest to run/own businesses). I am presently the country representative for SEAF (Small Enterprise Assistance Funds) an American firm based in Washington D.C. who plans to establish operations here in the Philippines. As an investment management group, we do global impact investing by providing growth capital and business assistance to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in emerging and transition markets underserved by traditional sources of capital. You can check our website seaf.com for more info about SEAF. Currently, I am looking for qualified SMEs where SEAF can make their investments here in the Philippines. SEAF which is setting up investment funds for the first time in the Philippines has just launched its Women’s Opportunity Fund, which is focusing on women-led businesses in the Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines.  Our current plan is to make up to two investments (about $1M per deal) in the Philippines in the near term.  Please check this link for a bit more information:  http://seaf.com/what-we-do/our-locations-investment-vehicles/asia/seaf-womens-opportunity-fund/
    I hope to hear back from you and let me know your thoughts about women in business. One way or the other, I know your travel experience would shed some helpful light and direction towards this endeavor and our common interest in women.

  3. Aurora de Leon says:

    National Council of Women in the Phil

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