On Choosing the Perfect Make Up Color

03/23/2010 liza 1Comment

I’m not a huge fan of make ups except for concealers since I have to cover up some blemishes and  irritating freckles on my face.  But I do have lip gloss and press powder, though. =)

Choosing make up can be a daunting task for most of us, girls. And I know that nearly everyone who are using make up will agree with me.  Make ups are great tools to enhance our face but sometimes choosing the wrong make up can harm the skin. Okay, I will not talk about its harmful effects today because I only want to share this interesting discovery. I bumped Maybelline’s website just a while ago and I got to try their very own “My Color Advisor – Your Personal Shade and Product Guide”. I’m actually satisfied with the result.

Maybelline My Advisor

I’m using Maybelline’s press powder for sometime now and I’m planning to stick with it. If you are using this product or have plans of using it, you got to try this tool.

Note: I’m not in any way, affiliated with Maybelline. I just feel the need to share this to all my readers.

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