Bible Verse on Heavenly Monday: Self-Vindication

04/18/2010 liza 1Comment

I’m a regular reader of Our Daily Bread. I used to buy it on a yearly basis but this year, I decided not to buy. I’m currently reading the 2009 edition because I felt that I was not able to digest and apply what’s written on every page in my life.  I felt guilty ‘coz it seems that I know better the lines from a movie than the beautiful lines of this beautiful book.

I was a bit late with my reading and this verse was dated February 7, 2009 with title, “Calling Myself”. An interesting question from the lesson of the story is “How often are my prayers more like calling myself than calling on God?”

For example, when I’m falsely accused, I plead with God for vindication. I want my name to be cleared and guilty person held accountable for the harm done to my reputation. But then I get impatient with God and and try to vindicate myself. I may as well be praying to my self.

Vindication does not come from self-defensive arguments; it stems from integrity (Ps. 26:1)

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