Six of the Most Beautiful Beaches in the Philippines

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Even though we are already in the last week of the month of May, which denotes the end of the summer season, we can still feel the intense heat of the sun. Definitely, the heat is still on. If you are thinking of a place on where to make the last full blast of your summer getaway, then allow me to showcase six of the most astonishing beaches in the Philippines.

Boracay – this is certainly the most popular beach today not just in the locals but for nearly all foreigners from various parts of the world. It’s a very popular hang-out of the stars as well. Boracay is known for its white sand beaches and party houses.

Caramoan Island – this island is starting to make a name for its beautiful and inviting water. This is where the French Survivor was shot.

Punta Fuego – this is an exclusive resort for members. But visitors with friends who are members can also be guests.

Puerto Galera – this island is certainly for people in all walks of life. It is also accessible because it is roughly two hours from Manila.

Palawan Island – there are so many breath taking beaches in the island of Palawan. From Coron to Underground River, Palawan will certainly be an unforgettable summer getaway that you can have. Oh I’d love to go to this place.

Panglao Island – Panglao is located in the land of Chocolate Hills – Bohol. If you are planning to tour in Bohol, make sure that you drop by in Panglao.

If you are still in the midst of island thoughts, then let me give you a recommendation based on the results of my poll located at the right sidebar of this page.

1. Boracay – is still the top choice
2. Caramoan Island –
3. Panglao Island
4. Punta Fuego
5. Puerto Galera
6. Palawan

The poll is not yet closed. You may still cast your vote.

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