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Do You Scrub?

06/30/2010 liza 0Comment

I do. I’m actually using a sea-salt scrub mixed with milk. Pretty interesting, huh? Well, you don’t need to have a bath tub to do this. Our skin needs exfoliation and scrubbing helps a lot to remove that dead skin to release our natural glow. I don’t scrub everyday as it may lead my skin to dryness. I don’t also scrub when I know that I have to go out and be exposed under the sun.

I bought my sea-salt scrub from the grocery for 100 Pesos. It’s a 200 ML bottle filled with salt mixed with milk. I’d say that it’s pretty cheap but I’m wrong. Only after I bought it, I realized that the ingredients of this scrub is in our kitchen. So I just thought that this would be my first and last time to buy my salt scrub from the market.

There are actually different ingredients for scrubs. As for me, my favorite is the sea-salt scrub with milk as it can effectively remove my dead skin at the same time makes my skin smooth. If you are planning to buy one like what I did, please take a look at these steps first on how to make your very own salt scrubs at fraction of the cost sold in the market.


1 cup Sea salt

1/2 cup oil

essential oils/milk

How to make your own salt scrub?

Add the oil on sea salt, mixing it with a spoon or wooden stick in a bowl. The mix should be moist enough to hold together. Drop essential oils of your choice or milk. Make sure that you do not over oily the mix. Then put in a jar or container with lid for storage and it’s ready to use.

Remember that you can always choose your essential oils.

lavender – to make you feel relax.

lemongrass – to refresh you

rosemary – to stimulate you.

Is that easy? Remember, not all beauty products should be bought from the grocery.  More often than not, we are just paying for the brand name. Sometimes, we just need to visit and explore our kitchen, extend our horizons to see the available products that we can use in keeping our skin smooth and healthy. =P

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