The Glass Shoes of Cinderella

06/28/2010 liza 6Comment

It all started when I learned about Cinderella and her story. I grew up watching cartoon movies and Cinderella is one of my favorites. Since I saw her glass shoes, I started wanting it. Until now, I’m still looking for something like her shoes but unfortunately I haven’t find anything. Anyone who has an idea how to find one? I would like to wear it on my wedding day. =)

If you are wondering how it looks like… I gathered some images online

Glass Shoes 2

Glass Shoes 3

6 thoughts on “The Glass Shoes of Cinderella

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  2. those heels are not wearable. They were in limited edition run only in 7 and 9.5 sizes. Plus they are real glass, so definitely not safe for wear. And they run about 2,570 a pair. There is one pair left in LA and a few in NY so unless you collecting shoes, this would not be shoes for you.

  3. you are right, they aren’t wearable. I saw some plastic replicas and it’s a good fit. Nevertheless. I would still to have that one glass shoes and display it.

  4. I don’t know where you live. But in my country, you can go to the glass craftsman and ask him to make a pair for you. But I’m not sure if you can wear it after the craftsman finishes the glass shoes because he can’t guarantee the glass for not rupturing :)

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