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Ms Universe Top 15 Includes Ms Philippines

08/23/2010 liza 0Comment

Yes, Ms Philippines, Venus Raj made it on the the top 15 of the 2010 Ms Universe.  As a Filipino, I’m still walking on the clouds…Anyways, here are the ladies who made in on Top 15.

Miss France – Malika Menard

Miss Australia –  Jesinta Campbell

Miss Jamaica – Yendi Phillipps

Miss Russia – Irina Antonenko

Miss Albania – Angela Martini

Miss Colombia – Natalia Navarro

Miss Guatemala – Jessica Scheel

Miss Czech Republic – Jitka Valkova

Miss Puerto Rico – Mariana Paola Vicente

Miss Ukraine – Anna Poslavska

Miss Mexico -Jimena Navarrete

Miss Belgium -Cilou Annys

Miss Ireland -Rozanna Purcell

Miss South Africa – Nicole Flint

Miss Philippines – Venus Raj

Let’s continue praying…

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