09/12/2011 liza

Ms Angola is crowned this year’s Ms Universe pageant. I simply believe she deserved it despite the fact that I would like the Ms Philippines to win. Anyways, Ms Philippines made it as the 3rd runner up. She’s still awesome! Another mark in the list of of most beautiful women in the universe! So to list… Ms Universe 2011 – Ms Angola, Leila Lopes 1st runner up – Ms Ukraine 2nd Runner up – Ms Brazil 3rd Runner Up – Ms Philippines, Shamcey Supsup 4th Runner Up – Ms China

12/06/2010 liza

Ms. India is Ms. Earth 2010. Like everyone else, I also think that she has the best answer in the question and answer portion. However, there’s another interesting question which was asked to Ms. Ecuador. I can’t exactly remember every word of the question but it goes something like this, “If you are to choose between air and water, which one are you going to save and why?”.  Her answer is water but the explanation is a bit off… I actually have an impromptu answer for this question… “If I were to choose between air and water, I will choose…

08/23/2010 liza

Ms Mexico, Jimena Navarette, is hailed as the 2010 Ms Universe. Runners-Up 4th Runner Up – Philippines – Maria Venus Raj 3rd Runner Up – Ukraine – Anna Poslavskaya 2nd Runner Up – Australia – Jesinta Campbell 1st Runner Up – Jamaica – Yendi Phillips

08/23/2010 liza

Ms Philippines, Venus Raj made it on Top 10. She was called third… this is so exciting. Other ladies who completed top 10 are Ms Ireland,  Ms Jamaica, Ms Australia, Ms Mexico, Ms Ukraine, Ms Puerto Rico, Ms South Africa, Ms Guatemala, Ms Albania, Ms Jamaica

08/23/2010 liza

Yes, Ms Philippines, Venus Raj made it on the the top 15 of the 2010 Ms Universe.  As a Filipino, I’m still walking on the clouds…Anyways, here are the ladies who made in on Top 15. Miss France – Malika Menard Miss Australia –  Jesinta Campbell Miss Jamaica – Yendi Phillipps Miss Russia – Irina Antonenko Miss Albania – Angela Martini Miss Colombia – Natalia Navarro Miss Guatemala – Jessica Scheel Miss Czech Republic – Jitka Valkova Miss Puerto Rico – Mariana Paola Vicente Miss Ukraine – Anna Poslavska Miss Mexico -Jimena Navarrete Miss Belgium -Cilou Annys Miss Ireland -Rozanna…

08/09/2010 liza

The years 1969 and 1973 are probably two of the most important dates, so far in the history of Philippine Beauty Pageant because these are the years when the Philippine beauties (Gloria Diaz and Margie Moran) conquered the universe. Now that we are all looking forward to the 2010 Ms Universe, it’s nice to go back in time and relive the priceless moments of the Philippines Beauty Queens. 1969 – When a man conquered the moon, a woman from the Philippines conquered the Universe. The crowning of Ms. Gloria Diaz – the first Philippine Ms Universe. 1973 – Four years…