Birthday Celeb at HongKong Pt.2

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So this is our day 2 in HongKong…

Our Fun Tour from Cebu Pacific does not include a complimentary breakfast so we tried the buffet breakfast at Royal Plaza Hotel. And since our hotel is one of the finest in HK, we expected the price to be a bit higher. So we paid 110HKD/person/breakfast. Yeah, that’s a whopping, almost Php1400 just for a breakfast. Well, despite of the high price, I must say that their food is great. But we tried it just once.

Oh before I forgot, when you’re traveling abroad and staying in a hotel,  in my experience ha, make sure that you have spare money for deposits. Or better yet, always have your credit card ready. If you’ll be staying in Royal Plaza Hotel, you’ll be required to deposit HKD2,000 or almost Php13,000 which is of course refundable. Again, pretty high.

After breakfast, we head on to our first destination of the day – the Peak. We used the MRT with the help of our friendly English map. It was a smooth journey. Hongkong has a good MRT system so if you’re planning to go there by foot, the MRT is definitely a big help!

At the Peak, there’s the tram ride and the wax museum called the Madame Tussaud. These two latter attractions are different payment from the Sky Terrace. But you can buy combo tickets at the Peak lobby which will save you money. See The Peak Hongkong website for more details on pricing.

If you’re getting the tour packages from agencies here in the Philippines, going to the Victoria Peak is usually not included. The first time we got there was at the mid-level only, which is a little frustrating. They do not include this in itinerary because there are times that the Peak is close for operation due to weather conditions. I also suggest that you go there during the summer months to fully enjoy the view. When we got there, it’s still foggy and really cold.

Madame Tussaud is the famous wax museum in Southeast Asia. It was a a great feeling to finally meet the rich and famous. :P. Our Sky Terrace experience is also unforgettable. I’m afraid of heights so it took me some time to finally look out the terrace. It was 14deg , dazzling and foggy during that time.

There are also several restaurants and shops at the Peak so be sure to lend one whole day in this attraction.

At Victoria Peak


Here are some of the pics.

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