What Makes Men Sexy in My Eyes

08/24/2011 liza 0Comment

Man wearing jeansWhen it comes to outside appearance, aside from the blue eyes and red lips, how men wear jeans is another yet big factor that makes them sexy in my eyes. For most women, the proportional body and big muscles are things that will define a man’s sexiness. And that validates that my criteria is a little too far from other people’s standards.

Anyways, in my own point of view, looking a man wearing jeans from their behind makes them hot. And walking with it makes them even hotter. I like it most when they don’t wear belts and let their hips generously catching the jean’s waist.

Meanwhile, when it comes to attitude, a man treating his mom like his girlfriend is also a big plus for me. This gesture actually defies his masculinity and turns him into a loving and sweet guy. I simply love seeing some men shopping with their mothers on a day that they should be with their friends.

Ultimately, how a man handle a nerve-racking situation makes him more interesting to me. More often, the guys I saw stopping by an event where their help is needed are manlier than those who have muscles of a wrestler. It simply tells me that with this man, I’ll be safe.

How about you? What makes men sexy in your eyes?

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