So I Visited Winterhouse at Cartimar and Some Pet Shops

01/07/2012 liza 0Comment

So I visited Winterhouse in Cartimar, the shop that specializes in winter clothing.

I went to Cartimar yesterday just right after I visited my derma in Makati Med. My main purpose is to see the Winterhouse to find some winter clothing that I could use for our Hongkong trip (yay! third time) this February. The shop is definitely great for those people who are looking for cheap yet quality winter clothes. I was not able to buy any because most of their stuff there are for countries with snow like thermal jackets, french coats and sweaters. There are lots of gloves, scarves and bonnets too! Nonetheless, it was a fulfilling journey to finally see it in person. At least, next time, I know where to go!

I just took the picture from outside because I’m kinda’ hesitant to take some shots inside. They were all busy and I don’t want to draw attention though. The pictures below are taken by my Nokia E-63, no flash. So sorry for the low quality.

[nggallery id=5]

Well, aside from the WinterHouse, I also took the chance to explore Cartimar. I was alone yesterday and it was a good time to stroll and do some window shopping. I bought a new pair of espadrille shoes and eat my lunch there. There are several Japanese and Korean stores and others that sell shoes, clothes and stuff for home.

I also enjoyed my strolling by looking at some pet shops. I’m actually planning to buy an aquarium and this is definitely a great place to buy it! Overall, my Cartimar visit is worth the time.

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