My Ten (10) Greatest Travel Wishes

01/25/2012 liza 0Comment

For me, traveling is more than just discovering places.  It’s also about discovering myself on how far I can go. I’m actually a late bloom traveler. I even had my first airplane experience when I was 28 years old.  I’m about to turn 31 but I know I still have time in the world to travel. And besides, I’m  still active and has a little money to fund some of my not-so-expensive travels.

I’ve updated my About page with these greatest wishes and decided to post it again here.  These are random wishes which I’m hoping to come true. My greatest childhood dream already came true in 2009 – I met Mickey Mouse and friends in Hongkong, Disneyland. So I promise myself, I will never stop dreaming that one day, one of these wishes will become a reality too!

(1) Walk on every city of Europe

(2) Experience luxury cruise with my honey

(3) Have a nice picture in Eiffel Tower

(4) Experience the snow in America and Beijing, China.

(5) Meet the statue of Liberty, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp and Nick Carter.

(6) See the Cherry Blossoms in Japan.

(7) Walk on the Holy Land.

(8) Visit the Vatican.

(9) Eat street foods in Korea and meet Yoon Ji-hoo of F4 (Boys Over Flowers)

(10) Stay one night in Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

By the way, donations and invitations are welcome!

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