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Bon Appetit! — Cebu Food

05/16/2012 liza 1Comment

When we’re still planning our trip to Cebu, we always talk about tasting what Anthony Bourdain called, the “best Lechon in the world”. Unfortunately, we were not able to do that. We’ve passed several Lechon restos and even take out counters during our 4-day trip in Cebu but for some unexplainable reason, its juicy skin did not land on our craving taste buds. sigh…

BUT… looking back at our trip, we would always remember the food we had in Cebu. Though, our conversation normally includes “sayang hindi natin natikman ang Lechon Cebu”, we can easily divert our talks to the other delectable dishes we’ve tried, mostly from the hotel and the SUTUKIL.

We stayed in two hotels in Cebu – Crown Regency (2 nights for the Skywalk and Edge Coaster experience) and Waterfront (to see Brian McKnight’s Concert). It was our first time to do hotel hopping and we’re glad we did. It was made easy by the many available taxis in the metro. Between the two (not being so biased), I can really say that the food in Waterfront are far better than in Crown Regency. Here are some shots.

Waterfront Breakfast -- Clubhouse and different hamsWaterfront Breakfast — Clubhouse & a variety of hams

Waterfront Buffet Breakfast -- Rice toppingsWaterfront Buffet Breakfast — Rice toppings

Waterfront buffet breakfast -- omelet and hash brownWaterfront  Buffet Breakfast — omelet and hash brown

Waterfront Buffet Breakfast -- Bread GaloreWaterfront Buffet Breakfast — Bread Galore.

They actually have a bread corner that resembles a bake shop
where various bread are showcased.
And I also love the cream cheese!

Inside Uno Restaurant -- Waterfront, Lahug CebuInside Uno Restaurant — Waterfront Cebu

Waterfront Buffet Breakfast -- Juices. Waterfront Buffet Breakfast — Juices.
I love the watermelon juice!

Hotel food is kinda more expensive than some outside restos.  So when you stay in Waterfront, there’s this Eat-All-You-Can resto — the “Port” just outside the hotel that you can try. If I recall it right, their lunch costs P225 and late dinner is P150.  Their food also tastes good, I must say! Plus, it’s economical. Here are some Port Restaurant’s food.

Port Restaurant Cebu - eat all you canPort Restaurant Cebu – Eat all you can

Port Restaurant Cebu - Lumpiang SariwaPort Restaurant Cebu – Lumpiang Sariwa with a slice of pizza

Port Restaurant Cebu - pasta, omelet and morePort Restaurant Cebu
pasta, omelet, siomai, meat balls, dilis and more

Here are some shots of the breakfast we had in Crown Regency and lunch at Wang Shan Lo Chinese Restaurant. I was not able to take a shot of the International dinner buffet included in the Skywalk adventure.  We had our what I called “last supper” that time. We had our dinner first before the Skywalk so I did not enjoy most of my eating.

Crown Regency Breakfast - not so good presentationCrown Regency Breakfast – not so good presentation.

Crown Regency Breakfast - soupCrown Regency Breakfast – soup

Crown Regency Breakfast - Closer look of fried rice and sausageCloser look of fried rice and sausage

Crown Regency - FruitsCrown Regency Breakfast — fresh sliced fruits.
I was actually disappointed with the sliced banana =(

Crown Regency - variety of breadCrown Regency – variety of bread

Food from Wang Shan Lo Chinese inside Crown Regency.

Inside Wang Shan Lo Chinese Restaurant, Crown Regency Cebu Wang Shan Lo Chinese Restaurant, Crown Regency Cebu

Food Festival at Wang Shan Lo Chinese Restaurant, Crown Regency CebuFood Festival at Wang Shan Lo Chinese Restaurant
Crown Regency Cebu

Yang Chow Rice -- Food Festival at Wang Shan Lo Chinese Restaurant, Crown Regency CebuYoung Chow Rice, buttered veggies, squid
at Wang Shan Lo Restaurant

And this is SUTUKIL – portmanteau of the three ways fish are cooked. Sugba (grilled), Tulaw (cooked with soup) and Kilawin (cooked in vinegar) in Mactan Cebu. Just within the LapuLapu Shrine. We also added baked scallops. The cost of this lunch is a whooping Php 1,200 including a bowl of rice and 1.5L of Coke. Not far from prices in Macapagal Dampa.

SUTUKIL Eateries at Mactan Shrine - Baked ScallopsSUTUKIL Eateries at Mactan Shrine – Baked Scallops

SUTUKIL - Sugba, Tulaw , KilawinSUTUKIL – Sugba, Tulaw , Kilawin

Overall, the food is one of the highlights of our Cebu tour. Frankly speaking, we did not  expect many things in Cebu. But to our surprise, this place in the heart of Visayas has definitely a lot of things to offer. It’s worth the visit… except that we were not able to taste the Lechon Cebu… oh no.. not again! LOL…

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