Learning a Lesson Twice

05/31/2012 liza 0Comment

Local t-shirts from my travels are top on the list of the many requests I get from my friends and family members as souvenirs each time I go abroad. We are really a family with small to medium body built but my two aunts and sister are somewhat big.

I’m not good on sizes, I should say! Though, I already knew their clothing sizes, often times, I still follow my inference ability that a certain size would fit on each of them. And more often than not, I’m wrong. My last two travels are a disaster with regards to the shirt souvenirs I bought. They were all excited about it but I came home with shirts that are pretty small for one of my aunts and older sister. Unfortunately, I have followed my wrong sensibility for two consecutive times. I just gave those shirts to my other friends and now, I owe my aunt and big sissy.

Luckily, my aunt who is based in Italy will send her yearly package two months from now. So I asked her to include the plus size clothing from Simply Be UK that I purchased. I just used my Paypal and have it delivered to her house.

I know there’s something about shirts with designs of the country where I have been. I even buy one for myself each time, though my main souvenir collections are just key chains. I won’t be traveling in the next few months so I decided to buy online to make up with my aunt and sister. I know I can make up with their frustrations by those surprises.

Next time, I’ll be more careful in buying shirts. I’m also thinking about giving them other items so I won’t ruin their excitement again. So I learned a lesson… it’s just so sad that I need to learn it twice.

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