A Happy and Contented Woman

06/01/2012 liza 0Comment

According to the recent studies, a huge percentage of women are becoming very conscious about their figures nowadays. We are in the era where television, social media and magazines dictates what beauty is, of which many women are striving to achieve its set standards.

Though there are several women who do various things just to reach those criteria, other women do it as their demonstration of love for themselves. Like me, I would like to keep my body in shape because it does not only make me feel good and light, I also do it for health reasons.

I do not have a perfect body and I must admit that I have women shapewear to rescue me on occasions that I need be fit on a certain dress. It simply gives my body the shape that I want and helps me to fit on a dress that I would like to wear.

Even though I don’t go to the gym, I have a routine and exercise which I do every morning. As soon as I wake up, I will do some stretching and clear my mind to get ready on the upcoming challenges. I also believe that having positive attitude attributes to the wellness of my body. There are actually moments that I find myself eating my comfort food (that usually contains high cholesterol) when I’m lonely or entertaining negative thoughts. So I’m now more careful on what I eat and think.

Indeed, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I may not see the beautiful woman that the television is trying to impose as I look myself in the mirror but I can definitely see a happy and contented woman in shape.

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