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What Do We Have in Common?

06/02/2012 liza 0Comment

He is an introvert, I’m an extrovert. I have several friends, he got few. I love to go out and he is a home buddy. Our tastes on things and outfits were also different, most of the time. I love to try different looks but he don’t.

Even though my Honey and I would always clash on various things and views, we still manage to be together because we are bind with our love for each other. Our love for traveling is also another thing that keeps us truly close. Despite of the long arguments on where to go and stay, we still end up giving for each other. Oh how I love our differences as much as I love our compatibilities.

But there are literally some “things” that we have something in common. Here are just three of them.

sun visors with our terms of endearmentOur sun-visors. We don’t want to be too much exposed to sunlighteach time we travel so I bought these and have it embroidered. He is Hon and I’m Ney (obvious). I’ve convinced him to wear this during our travel in Cebu City, Philippines.

Calvin Klein perfumesCalvin Klein perfumes. Hon gave the “CK2U for Her” to me as a gift last Christmas. He also bought one for him.

pink and red luaggagesOur travel bags. Mine is the pink one covered with the “maong” sleeves and his is the red one. I actually own the red bag on top of the red trolley and he owns the blue. He just exchanged it for picture purposes.

We both own the same cellphone which is the first version of Samsung Wave. He actually got it first and then he gave me the same thing last November 2010. Yes, our cps are kinda old but I still love it!

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