My Esprit White Bag

06/10/2012 liza 0Comment

There was once in my life that I don’t even own a casual bag. Yes, that was during college that I only borrow bags from my sisters each time I go out with my friends.  So when I graduated from college, I promised myself that I will buy not only one but many bags.  So I started collecting them when I got my first job.

I can’t actually remember how many bags I currently have (well not much) so I decided to feature each one on my blog. I’m not particular with the brand because I go for functionality and design. First on the list is my little white Esprit casual bag which I bought when we went to HongKong last February 2012. If my memory serves me right, I got this for Php 900+ (if converted to Peso) at Esprit Factory outlet in City Gate Mall, Lantau Island HongKong.  I love using this during girls night out. It has enough space for my Coach wallet and Samsung Wave cellphone. Here are few shots:

Esprit White Bag


Esprit  casual bag that I bought from HongKong


Esprit White Bag - a closer look


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