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Planning a Romantic Getaway

08/17/2012 liza 0Comment

It’s not just around Valentine’s Day that you should plan a romantic getaway. It could be for an anniversary, or simply to show the one you love how much you care. Once you’ve made the decision to do it, it’s time to get planning.

First, take a look at our quick guide of all that you’ll need to consider. From where you’re going to go, to how you’ll get there; this is all you need to know.

Decide where you’re going to go

Abroad or in the UK? Obviously Paris immediately springs out, but you don’t have to head there to make it a romantic time. Any top European city would do. How about Bruges with its stunning medieval architecture or a culture fest in Barcelona? A weekend in the British countryside could also go the trick.

Make a decision on how you’re going to get there
The Eurostar is a good option if you’re heading to mainland Europe, whilst with the many deals on budget airlines it could actually be cheaper to fly. Why not kick the holiday off in the style before you go? If you’re flying from the north of England, look into the Manchester Airport hotels with parking. You can drive to the airport, have a romantic night together in a top hotel and then leave your car whilst you jet off to your destination. It could be the perfect start.

Research where you’re going to stay

After the actual destination, where you stay can have a real bearing on the romantic nature of the trip. If you’ve already had a night in a top hotel before the flight, why not consider the option of a quaint B&B? A quiet, more personal place should be ideal for a little romance.

Why not bring your own touch to your room? There’s nothing wrong with loading some scented candles, incense and bubble bath into your luggage.

Investigate the local area

Romance doesn’t involve wandering around with little idea of where you’re going or what you’re doing next. Yes a little spontaneity goes a long way on a romantic trip, but stumbling around trying to find the perfect restaurant and failing can easily kill the mood. Wherever you’re heading make sure you fully research the best restaurants and romantic hideaways. Make a decision and book before you go. If you’re off to a beach destination look into any possible romantic walks – it’s little touches like these that can really make the trip.

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