The Improvised Shoe Cushions for my Wedge

08/21/2012 liza 0Comment

blue espadrille shoes
blue espadrille shoes
I’m petite and to add a little height, I would always wear shoes with heels. I used to wear cigarette heel shoes when I was still working in the office. Now that I’m working from home, I almost don’t buy shoes like those. While I still have few shoes with cigarette heels that I wear on occasions like¬† weddings and formal parties,¬† I still now prefer wedges because it’s more comfortable and easy to walk on.

I bought this pair of wedges late last year in Cartimar, Pasay but was able to wear it recently. I bought shoe cushions (P99) so my feet won’t slip but it did not do any wonder. I had some mishaps while walking. So I have decided to make my own improvised shoe cushions.

shoes, glue, scissors, cushion
Materials needed: shoes (of course), scissors, glue, cushion (which I bought from landmark before for P15)
shoe cushion
Finish product
shoes back cushion
finish product – back

One more tip. You can cut the cheap cushion a little wider so it will cover the edge parts of your feet. I bought gel cushions but it doesn’t stick well. The shoe glue I used is more reliable.

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