New Shoes! My Puma 76 Runner Nylon

02/11/2013 liza 0Comment

We are booked to HongKong again on the last week of February and this time, we’ll be staying there for six days. We love HongKong especially during winter. Isn’t it obvious? It’s our fourth time already. It’s my Honey’s fave place in Asia.

Anyways, during our last visit to HongKong, my boots gave in and I had to find a good replacement for it.  However, I did not find a good pair so I resorted on buying sneakers instead.  I’m actually contemplating on getting a Puma, the Steeple model (see image below) but my sister already has it.

Steeple Model Red - Puma Shoes
Puma Steeple

I like the comfort fit of Steeple but I just want to be different. And so I bought the Puma 76 Runner Nylon Shoes. It’s also comfortable and I think will be a good choice for long walks. The price is Php 3,189.00

Sideview -- Puma 76 Runner Nylon
Puma 76 Runner Nylon – Sideview
Rear View - Puma 76 Runner Nylon
Puma 76 Runner Nylon – Rear View
Puma 76 Runner Nylon fits
Puma 76 Runner on my feet

What do you think? Did I make the right choice?

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