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Never Miss These Vigan’s Delicacies

04/12/2015 liza 0Comment

I’am actually craving for Vigan’s empanada and their vinegar (Sukang Iloko) so I decided to write an article about it (me ending up craving more of it! Lol). I remember the first time we rode an airplane in December 2007, we are heading to Laoag, Ilocos Norte, Hon’s hometown. That was also the first time I tasted empanada and okoy . After 5 years, in July 2013, we went back to experience Ilocos and to taste their other dishes and these delicacies again. This time, we stayed in Fort Ilocandia.

The photos below were taken from our July 2013 trip in Vigan, Burgos Plaza, Ilocos Sur, Philippines.

Empanada stores in Burgos Plaza in Vigan Ilocos Sur, Philippines
Empanada stores in Burgos Plaza
Vigan Ilocos Sur, Philippines

According to our tour guide, the empanada of Vigan and Batac taste differently. I tried both and I could say that they are equally good. I maybe just love the wholeness of it.

Empanada and Okoy served with Vinegar
Empanada and Okoy Vigan, Ilocos Sur Philippines

EmpanadaIt is similar to a thin taco that is fried to a crisp, with vegetable and meat filling. Rice flour is used for making the crust or the shell. The galapong or rice flour dough is made a day before it is used. Atchuete or orange food color, salt and oil are mixed into the rice though. The dough mixture is then kneaded as thinly as possible on a banana leaf (wax paper is a good substitute). Source: Normally costs Php 30-50 (almost $1 each).

What's inside the Vigan's empanada?
What’s inside the Vigan’s empanada?
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Okoy (shrimp fritter)viand consists of small fresh shrimps with shell, glutinous rice batter and deep fried into a round form. In Vigan, kutchay is added. Source:

So if you’re planning to go to Ilocos, make sure that you don’t miss these delicacies. This will certainly make your trip complete!

Tip: If you or your companion has reaction in sea foods particularly shrimp, avoid Okoy. Hon experienced a severe reaction to this which made us cancel one of our day tours.

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