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Samgyeopsal Night at Hanam Pig House

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With so many Korean restaurants in the country today, we wonder what would be the taste of an authentic Korean dish. So when we went to South Korea to celebrate my birthday last March, we listed some of the dishes we’d like to try. And one of them is the Korean BBQ or the Samgyeopsal.

You can find a lot of BBQ restos anywhere in Seoul (as in) but we’re just happy we landed in Hanam Pig House. The resto is just a few blocks away from our hotel in Namdaemun so it was not a hassle when went back to the hotel a little late. We ordered for the pork-belly (Samgyeopsal) and galmaegisal (or the marinated meat skirt) at KRW 14,000 ($12-$13) each.

pork-belly (Samgyeopsal) and galmaegisal (or the marinated meat skirt)
Hanam Pig House menu

The meat comes with a good selection of “banchan” or Korean side dishes which include fresh and crunchy lettuce, kimchi, garlic and others. Our selected meat is pre-roasted and then cooked in front of us on a stone grill by their staff. Cooking was quick but the meat is just perfect. 

Banchan or Side dishes - kimchi, salt and pepper, garlic, lemon grass
Banchan or Side dishes – kimchi, salt and pepper, garlic, lemon grass
Lettuce for Samguypsal
crunchy lettuce

We also ordered for their Kimchi Rice and surprisingly, it’s really good!

Kimchi Rice
Kimchi Rice

Overall, we are satisfied and happy that we picked Hanam Pig House to have our first authentic Korean BBQ experience.  Honestly, we don’t know that we could grill Kimchi and that the roasted garlic will make a huge difference on the taste. For first timers, this resto could be a good start especially if you are just learning the right way of eating Samgyeopsal. I also learned from some reviews that Samgyeopsal is best cooked on stone grill as it preserves the taste and I’d say it’s true because we’ve already tried grilling directly on fire.

Hanam Pig House Facade
Hanam Pig House Facade


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Date: March 24, 2018
Location: Hanam Pig House (City Hall Branch) — 70-2 Taepyeongno 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul (서울 중구 태평로2가 70-2), Line 1/2 City hall station exit 8

Dine: 2 persons

Food cost without additional drinks: Php 1,500.00 -1,800.00 ($28-$33 at 1PHP=53.52)

Bonus tip: Save money when you dine at any Hanam Pig House Branches in Seoul.

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