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Places in HongKong that I’ve been to.

Ibis North Point, Hong Kong 0

At Ibis North Point, Hong Kong

I got three phrases to best describe our experience in Ibis Hotel, North Point — (1) value for money, (2) great location and (3) just what we need. Here’s my fair share of Room 1906 and Ibis North Point in general. It’s our 5th time in Hong Kong but this...

Bauhinia Cruise in Hong Kong

Celebrating Valentines Day in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour

At exactly today – Valentines Day last year (2014) , Hon and I got to experience one of the most special Valentine celebrations in the existence of our almost 15-year relationship. We were in a cruise, watching the Symphony of Lights and having sumptuous dinner in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour.

Today, I only got to write this experience. And as I always say, you can only capture the moments in photos and experiences are things that you can keep as memories – beautiful and beyond comparable.

Errrrk! Enough for the sweet introduction just because it’s Valentines Day!

Welcome to Cheung Chau Island in Hong Kong 0

Welcome to Cheung Chau Island

Part of our itinerary in Hong Kong is a visit to Cheung Chau Island. I have to mention “Biyahe ni Drew” again because we learned this place from one of his Hong Kong episodes. This place completed our list of things to do to have a laid-back vacation in Hong Kong. ...

Hong Kong's Mid Level Escalator 0

Hong Kong’s Mid Level Escalator

Did you know that the Mid-Level Escalator in Hong Kong is the longest covered escalator system in the world? According to the Wikipedia,  “The entire system covers over 800 metres (2,600 ft) in distance and elevates over 135 metres (443 ft) from bottom to top.  It was constructed in 1993...

2014 Hong Kong, China 2

The Other Side of HongKong – 6-Days Tour

Many people ask us, why do you always go to HongKong every first quarter of the year? Our answer is simple, “we fell in love with the place”. This is our 4th time in HongKong and 3rd time in Macau. For us, these two places are by far, our most...

Hong Kong Disneyland 0

Hong Kong Disneyland – Then & Now

When I was a child, I’ve always wanted to see Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Mickey Mouse for real. I grew up watching and fantasizing that one day, I could meet them personally. And so came our first out of the country trip, of course in HongKong. HongKong is...

Madamme Taussad in Hong Kong 1

Birthday Celeb at HongKong Pt.2

So this is our day 2 in HongKong… Our Fun Tour from Cebu Pacific does not include a complimentary breakfast so we tried the buffet breakfast at Royal Plaza Hotel. And since our hotel is one of the finest in HK, we expected the price to be a bit higher....