05/14/2015 liza

For frequent travelers like us, we always wanted to get great values on air fares. And while in search for a cheap flight for our next destination, I discovered this page from Philippine Airlines – by far, our favorite airline in the country. Anyways, here’s a list of type of passengers and the percentage of discount they could get when they fly with Philippines Airlines. Domestic Fares In compliance with Republic Act No. 9337, an act amending the National Internal Revenue Code, a 12% VAT is added to the total amount quoted on all transactions involving purely domestic services only….

07/05/2011 liza

I’m subscribed to Cebu Pacific’s newsletter and it’s only now that I was able to read their email re. the famous P1SO (Piso) Fare. All seats are of course limited but will be worthy to check out. I’ve never got the piso fare since I learned about it. So goodluck if you could find one!